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Commissioned by Posten Norge (Norway), HB3D printed a service desk from recycled material. The desk consists of a firm main body and a decorative ornamental cover plate printed separately. 

Service Desk

For the printed Service Desk the Posten Norge company logo was used as a motif to create a stunning print. The cover plate was inserted into the main body without the need of any fasteners to make it easily demountable for recycling. 

The cover panel was made with the help of Rhino Grasshopper. With a couple of functions, the Posten Norge logo was recreated parametrically. The infill pattern was created by repeating the logo. After trimming away the excess logos, the pattern was made into a single continuous path.

Recycled post industrial PETg with 19% glass fiber filling.

Design by Posten Norge (main desk) and HB3D (cover plate).

Print strategy

Posten Norge

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