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View some examples of our recent work here. The overview is regularly updated after projects have been completed and publication has been permitted by the client.

D3Aak Boat

The D3Aak is a 3D printed barge boat, completely manufactured without molds, custom made and made of recycled plastic. The D3Aak is electrically powered and is 100% recyclable after end of life.


Commissioned by the German company DecoDrops, HB3D carried out the series production of decorative planters. The DecoDrops are intended for long-term outdoor use in gardens and are made of fiberglass-filled and fully recycled PETG.

Molds Sailboat

Commissioned by Paul Dijkstra Composites, HB3D printed molds for the hull and deck of a 4-meter-long competition sailboat. After printing, the products were milled with the same robot. The molds have been used for use in the autoclave.

Stop Signs Canal Cruise

For the municipality of Haarlem (North Holland), HB3D produced new outdoor stop signs for the canal boat center route. The materials are made of reusable thermoplastic. This assignment was performed in collaboration with Design Bureau Arjan Karssen.

Molds for Superyacht Mast

Commissioned by VABO Composites, HB3D printed several molds for mast parts of a superyacht. The molds were post-processed by robot milling and fully reusable. The length of the molds varied from 1m to 4m.

XL Lampshades

The six large outdoor lampshades on and around the shopping square ‘Marsmanplein’ in Haarlem, originally made of canvas, have been replaced by brand new versions from thermoplastic. Thanks to this unique assignment, HB3D has demonstrated the value of 3D robot printing for renovation of large esthetic objects and application for outdoor space.

Formidable Lighting

Formidable Lighting, by artist designer Esseline Keeven, makes large light objects from hybrid materials with 3D robot printing. Her lamps ‘pop’ in a structure of minimal elastic energy, giving the lamps a unique organic and surprising shape.

Lattice Pedestals

Commissioned by Fiction Factory and Nike, HB3D printed a series of cylindrical pedestals for displaying sports equipment in shops. The pedestals have a special lattice structure (open-mesh grid), which made it possible to produce super-lightweight, stiff and strong products.

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