• Materials

We have extensive knowledge and experience to print beautiful products with the following materials.

Material overview

MaterialYoung’s Modulus
Max (GPa)
PP (Poly-Propyleen)6.0 – 7.51.12
PET (Poly-Ethyleen-Tereftalaat) 2.7 – 18.01.38 – 1.75
PETG (Poly-Ethyleen-Tereftalaat-Glycol)2.0 – 2.11.29
PS (Poly-Styreen)3.0 – 3.31.16
PC (Poly-Carbonaat)2.3 – 2.71.36

Robot printing for a sustainable world

Large volume robot printing contributes to sustainable production of goods, primarily because of the minimal production waste and secondly because the re-useability of products at end of life by grinding into raw material (pellets), or eventually by reprocessing (upcycling).

Because 3D printing is relevant for mass production of unique products with high added value, tracing is easy to realize, for example by printing tags to facilitate sorting.

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